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Relieve Stress and Anxiety for Humans and Pets

The super large human dog bed is created to maximize comfort and foster a sense of security, delivering relief for those who have ADHD, stress, and anxiety-related issues. A nap in the human dog bed will boost your mood and have you feeling refreshed.

  • Tuck your hands and feet under the plush pillow border and experience sensory relief
  • Built-in pillow bolster lets you elevate your feet and reduce tension
  • Made with ultra-soft soothing material that helps reduce stress and anxiety

Super Comfortable with Orthopedic Memory Foam

The giant dog bed for humans is so comfortable that you might never want to leave. Whether you’re looking to nap, relax, or cuddle with your pets, you can do it all in the human dog bed. The soft and thick fabric provides a comfortable and relaxing place for you and your pet to sleep, while its raised edges provide better head and neck support. As well as the orthopedic foam fits perfectly to the bones, not only bringing massage but also relieving anxiety for you and your pet. Its oval shape allows you to fully stretch your arms and legs and ease into a deep sleep.

Extra Large for Humans and Pets

From peaceful nighttime slumbers to quiet afternoon naps, the human size dog bed will bring warmth and deep sleep to you and your pet. The extra large dog bed for humans allows you to take a nap with your furry friend. A dog bed that connects to a human bed, makes it common for owners to sleep in the pet bed scene.

Moveable Anywhere

Whether you’re napping, reading, working, or watching TV, the human sized dog bed offers continuous comfort and relaxation. With its built-in handles and foldable design, it can cozy up any space including your bedroom, living room, and workspace.

Waterproof & Machine Washable

This bed has a removable cover and the foam is covered with a special cover, so you don’t have to worry about dog slobber and urine.

  • Huggable plush pillow bolsters
  • Ultra soft machine washable cover
  • Supportive orthopedic & memory foam
  • Handles for easy storage and transport

What Happy Customers Are Saying

❝I absolutely love it. Extremely pleased so far. I never thought I would be obsessed with a human sized dog bed but here I am 😂 it’s so comfy I actually sleep in it sometimes instead of my actual bed (shoutout memory foam), it’s INSANELY soft, and it’s a perfect size too. It also folds up really nicely which is a great perk. It’s absolutely one of those products I didn’t realize I needed until I tried it. In particular, the base provides such fantastic support for my back that I can rest far better. Overall it’s definitely worth it if you’re someone who likes to feel super comforted and cozy when you nap/fall asleep at night 🙂 Highly recommended.❞

Olivia Lauren

❝20/10 experience. And I say experience because I swear it is actually a whole entire experience. I hate napping on my bed/couch because I feel like I actually need to sleep the whole 7 hours or not sleep at all. The human dog bed has completely changed and elevated my napping experience. It’s comfy, it’s cozy, and its quality is so good that I spend more time in it than my own bed sometimes – it doesn’t get any cozier than curling up in a blanket in it and having a hot drink. Also, love that it’s machine washable because looks like I’ll be spending a lot more (aka the rest of my) time in here! This really was something I didn’t know I needed till I saw it.❞

James Hamza

❝I was skeptical at first, I mean how much did I really need this thing? Right when I actually laid down on it, I was proven wrong. This large dog bed for humans was not just a need, but a necessity. The exterior is soft and supple, the fur keeps you warm and toasty. But what’s on the inside is what’s the winner here. The foam and bolsters literally give you a big hug when you’re inside. It’s a feeling I can’t describe. I find myself in it all the time. It gives you the cuddly comfort of a bed but I don’t have to worry about outside clothes, and plus it’s easy to transport around my house so I can be comfortable wherever I want. Another plus, my dog loves it as well as I do.❞

Oceanna Nguyen

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it machine washable?

Yes, the dog bed for humans is fully removable and machine washable. It can be hang dried or machine dried on a low tumble setting.

Is it waterproof?

Yes, this bed has a removable cover that is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about dog slobber and urine.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee from the date when the product is delivered. 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Please contact us for return requests.

Need Support or Not Happy with the Product?

Contact us at for a full refund!

Material, Size & Shipping


Cover: Oeko-Tex Certified 100% Polyester plush fabric
Bolster: Polyester cotton stuffing
Mattress: Orthopedic foam with a gel-infused cooling air memory foam topper

Size: The human sized dog bed is 67 inches (170 cm) long and 36 inches (90 cm) wide.

Shipping: We’re now offering Fast Free Shipping (7-15 days). Because the product is too large, it will be divided into two packages for shipping. Please pay attention to checking the packages.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Hunter L.
Truly “The Best Nap of My Life”

My daughter extermely loves this dog bed! This provided me with such a relaxing experience. It’s absolutely one of those products I didn’t realize I needed until I tried it. In particular, the base provides such fantastic support for my back that I can rest far better. The ergonomics are brilliant and second to none.

Eva Sukphon
The best bed to cuddle with my pup

This giant human sized dog bed is lowkey the best thing ever. I use it to snuggle with my dog Charlie all the time and he also loves it. I also like how the base is actually made with supportive foam and not with the cheap pillow stuffing that dog beds are usually made of.

Amber J
My dogs love it.

This was a big hit right out of the box! As soon as a set it down, they both loved it. I have two large dogs, so i need a large bed for them to sleep together. This bed makes it! My dogs can sleep together at the same bed. It is so large and sofe.

Taralynne Wakefield
This dog bed is amazing!

My dog has slept in bed with me since bringing her home at 6 weeks old. We've been trying to encourage her to sleep on the floor. It wasn't happening. But the day this bed arrived I pulled it out and told her to check out her new bed. She would now rather sleep in it and I can sleep with her on this bed.

Excellent! Great bed!

It’s super comfy and stylish. Koda absolutely loves her bed and so do we. May purchase another for the basement!!

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