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Get in a killer workout with so much fun!

With this Music Boxing Machine, you will get a high-intensity workout driven by the beats of music and have fun while doing it. The runway light moves randomly from the center to the area with 6 circular sensors based on the rhythm of the music. The runway lights will show you which target you are going to be punching. When the light enters the circular target, hit it quickly. There are 200 led lights built into the machine. If you punch hard enough. You’ll get a green light.

This Is the Strangest Piece of Workout Equipment I have Ever Fallen in Love With

James Ford

❝I am telling you from my experience, your fitness level is less fit than you think. I run and bike and swim and lift and generally think of myself as a middle-aged guy in fairly good condition, but a boxing workout makes the heart pound and the sweat drip like nothing I have ever experienced. Even after 30 minutes of workout with the Music Boxing Machine, I am getting a new tone in my arms and shoulders, and I awake sore in my hips and quads. It feels wonderful. And unlike an in-gym boxing class, if I look like a jerk, nobody needs to know but me. The Music Boxing Machine can really add some spice to your workout routine, as it provides a safe outlet for your rage and anxiety.❞

Get boxing practice at home

Looking to replicate the experience of a boxing class in the comfort of your home? This Music Boxing Machine lets you practice your champion moves at home. The system uses a combination of lights, music, and force sensors for users of all levels, along with the ability to challenge friends and gauge your progress against other users. Built-in are runway LED lights that tell you where to aim your punches, while force sensors can measure the impact and accuracy of your blows. The Music Boxing Machine provides you with an engaging and complete workout that brings the exhilaration of boxing into the home.

Sync your workout to the music

The Music Boxing Machine offers wireless connectivity to smartphones and tablets for a state-of-the-art fitness experience. You can easily sync the boxing machine to the beat of music on your smart device – allowing you to punch to the beat of any song.

Also a great “toy” for non-professionals and children

Even if you are not a professional boxer, you will still find it’s so fun to burn calories and release stress with the Music Boxing Machine. It will improve your coordination while building up a sweat. It is also a great “toy” for children that are fun and can improve children’s physique and exercise hand-eye coordination. The Music Boxing Machine is a very compact and functional home gym workout equipment. It is built with advanced hardware that can take a punch with electronics and software in a sleek, portable, and affordable package.

Track your punch stats on the phone App

We have built an App for the Music Boxing Machine. You can install the App on your phone or tablet by scanning the QR code in the package. The app can connect your smart device to the box machine. The app also allows you to track your punch speed, punch power, and other punch stats and progress in real-time, break your records and challenge your friends.

Compact and easy to install

The Music Boxing Machine is lightweight and portable. It can be easily mounted on the wall and takes less space. It is made of polyurethane composite and PU leather fabric with a highly elastic inner layer, ensuring adequate hand protection and shock absorption. Package includes 1x Music Boxing Machine, 1 pair of boxing gloves, 1x charging cable and plug-in, installation tools, and manual.
Size: 15.7 x 17.5 inches (40 x 44.5cm)
Weight: 8.3 lbs (3.8kg)

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Customer Reviews

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Enedra H.

This is like my best friend. The music gives me life. When I’m upset I can vent without judgment. I’m getting a real workout that promotes good sleep. I haven’t decided what I will name it yet. But it has its own room. Yes, it’s family now!! I want more.

Jackie i.

I love this...I get a great workout and shed calories. It’s a great boxing tool. I use it every day.

Best exercise machine

This is the best exercise machine I bought. It's a fun exercise. I had a party at my house and my guests love it. We made a game out of it and took turns hitting to see who gets the highest score. I already have friends and family who are looking to purchase this machine.

Scott H.

Best money I have ever spent! I highly recommend this for anyone that wants to get a good workout, relieve stress & have fun at the same time!

Robert Dudley I.

My family and I were blown away. The amount of sweat and energy used was way more than expected. As a diabetic trying to get me back in shape. Can't wait to start using this every day.

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