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Get the perfect shape in relaxing and entertaining

Our newly designed portable mini treadmill for anywhere you’d like! It can provide an effective cushion for your knees and muscles to get superior running experience. With this machine, you will be in perfect shape and fitter while relaxing and having fun at home.

LED display & Smart remote & Noise reduction

This running machine has a very modern looking with LED display. Make it easy for you to track speed, distance, time, and calories in real time. Using the remote controller to change the speed or stop the running. The noise reduction design allows you to exercise at home or even office without bothering anybody. A  perfect quiet walking pad treadmill for apartment use.

Non-assembly & Easy to move & Space saver design

The mini treadmill is non-assembly and can be used directly after unboxing. This treadmill is very light! Girls and seniors can also move it easily. It is easy to store and is ideal for small space apartment. You can put it under the desk, under the bed or under your working table.

What Happy Customers Are Saying

❝It is lightweight and easy to set up. This treadmill is perfect for walking and I use it for my daily walks. This treadmill is also a space saver. Very easy to use and perfect especially for summer indoor working out when I watch TV. Not hard to put away under my couch after each use either. Perfect for small space to use. Highly recommend. Absolutely love this treadmill.❞

Michelle Macias

Dallas, TX

❝Once winter sets in and I am inside a lot of the time I tend to put on a few pounds because I am not as active. This is great for me as it does not take up much room. It comes fully put together. It has a remote. It is very easy to use this. It is very well made and very sturdy. I weigh around 165 and I have no problems using it. The remote is very easy to use. I love it.❞

Melinda Davis

Salt Lake City, UT

❝I absolutely love it. Extremely pleased so far. Now that the weather is getting colder, I can walk slowly at home with this treadmill. When not exercising, you can put it under the sofa for easy storage. Perfect for small space to use. Very convenient to use. It is very well made and very sturdy. I’m so thankful that something like this exists. This is great for me. Highly recommend.❞

Nevan Hoffman

Miami, FL

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Customer Reviews

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Jin Jur
Love it

I've had this almost 2 weeks now and use it 60-120 min every day and so far so good! I am getting SO close to meeting my 100 lb weight loss goal but with weather getting chillier and not being outside as much, I thought I'd use it for 2 things; indoor exercise but to also be able to get my exercise in while I work so I save time outside of work. So far it has been valuable for both. I work up a sweat (thankfully I work from home) with this little guy under my desk.

Dan Davis

I work from home and use this with an adjustable desk to add some walking to my day :) It works perfectly and is very quiet.

Melinda Davis
Space saver works well inexpensive

This works well for what I needed which is something small, simple and storable to help me get in more steps efficiently.i have a desk job, work from home and live in a smallish condo. I use 3-5 minutes every hour or so. Will probably eventually use under my standing desk but not yet. I'm concerned about falling so focusing on making sure my steps stay on the pad. It's pretty quiet, has a nice remote and tells you time,speed , distance and calories.

Very Good Treadmill

It’s light weight yet sturdy. It comes ready assembled. It’s also very quiet. I use it under my standing desk during work and it’s perfect!

Great for the office

This is great for the office! I ordered one and it fit great under my desk.

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